What can
Trade Systems Inc.
do for YOUR credit union?
How investing in other credit unions should be

QuickConnect brings credit unions together.  If you're looking to invest, QuickConnect will send you an e-mail the moment new investment opportunities arise, and you'll be able to invest commission free!  If you're looking for funds, finding investors has never been faster and it's absolutely free!

Come see what QuickConnect is all about!  You can learn more about how it works and explore the service in our tour.

The investment portfolio manager designed specifically for credit unions

QuickTrack automates many of the common tasks involved in managing an investment portfolio.  It calculates figures automatically and can compile over two dozen reports at the click of a mouse.  All you have to do is enter the investment data on your confirmation and let it do the rest.

Come see what QuickTrack is all about!  We have sample reports and an interactive tour of the program for you to explore.